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Join Your Students For the Biggest School Chorus In The World

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Tickets and Performer T-Shirts are now available for our 2017 Young Voices concerts!

Order audience tickets for your student's concert on our online store to get the best seats to see your children perform in this inspiring and educational music experience! Order by Friday, April 24th to ensure preferential seating in direct view of your school!

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About Young Voices

For the past 20 years, Young Voices has been inspiring a love of music among students around the world, from ages 7 to 13, through massive concerts in some of the biggest arenas in the world alongside incredible artists.

Last year’s American Young Voices concert was a resounding success with thousands of students, parents and teachers having a musical experience they will never forget. Now we’re thrilled to come back not only with another concert at the Prudential Center, but with new concerts in the Albany, Washington DC, and Boston metro areas!

2017 Concerts:

  • Albany, NY (Times Union Center) - Tuesday, May 30th, 2017
  • Lowell, MA (Tsongas Center) - Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
  • Newark, NJ (Prudential Center) - Thursday, June 1st, 2017
  • Fairfax, VA (EagleBank Arena) - Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Picture this: your child joining 6,000 other chorus members from the tri-state area singing at a huge arena before an audience filled with 10,000 cheering music fans.

This is your only chance to purchase audience tickets. Tickets and T-Shirts must be ordered online by April 24.

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American Young Voices Tickets & T-Shirts FAQ

How Much Do Ticket and T-Shirt Cost? $30.00 per Ticket, $15.00 for performing students' T-Shirts which includes a Mini-Flashlight, and $2.00 for any additional Mini-Flashlights.

What's the Easiest Way To Purchase Tickets? In response to requests from teachers and parents, this year we've added the option to buy tickets and t-shirts online! Visit our online store to make your purchases. Please note that there is a small additional service fee for buying tickets and merchandise online. We cannot guarantee the preferential seating for orders received after April 24th, and t-shirts may not be delivered in time as well.

Can I Still Buy By Check Or Cash? Parents can still purchase tickets and t-shirts by check or cash by filling out the 'Check and Cash Only Order Form' and returning the form with payment to their child's teacher. We cannot guarantee the preferential seating for orders received after April 24th, and t-shirts may not be delivered in time as well.

How Will I Get My Tickets? Tickets, T-Shirts and Mini-Flashlights can only be shipped to the students' school. The music teacher will then distribute tickets and merchandise to students and parents approximately two (2) weeks before the concert.

What other parents have said about the Young Voices Experience

“My wife and I attended the concert last night as our granddaughter was performing with PS 29 from Staten Island.  We were absolutely blown away!  It was one of the greatest concerts that we have ever attended.  We are already looking forward to next year's concert!”

"An amazing experience. Emotional and enjoyable for all. My kids still talk about the dance moves and the songs and the whole event. We loved the Bon Jovi sing along at the end!! The song about believing was perfect and very impactful with 3500 kids singing at once."

"They loved it! They are still singing the songs everyday! They were asking the next morning if the school would be doing this again next year!"

"This was such a wonderful experience for my children. It will be a memory talked about for the rest of their lives!"

"She felt great for being apart of such a great show. Not only did she love singing but she also had a lot of fun. She got to hang out with friends and sing with them. It was fantastic."

"This was an excellent performance which exemplifies the ability of every kid. It was a beautiful time for all."

"She loved it!. She was so exited to participate singing along with professionals."